middle east furniture

Walked past this shop with some tables for sale out side around Hillel Street.  I really like middle east style furniture that has ceramic tiles on top.

I was in the home repair workshop the other day, BFP has a team of people that does repair work to Jewish people in need of their house repaired.   I needed to pinch some side cutters to chop off a cable tie inside a computer I was fixing.   This room with the smell of paint thinners and oil for a block for sharpening tools reminds me of my grandad (Henry Hayward) who was a carpenter and as a child I would watch him sometimes fix things.  Both these things made me think of two things.  I have a coffee table that Grandad H made, its nicely made although the pretend wood effect formica top looks very dated now.

What I would like to do is somehow get some nice middle east style tiles and recover the top of the coffee table.  I think the formica stuff is glued securely on and I am not sure what the best way of doing this (stick tiles on top or try and remove it?) would be.  If you have expertise in this kind of thing please do comment.

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