ebay bidding systems broken for people in Portsmouth

I have bee a regular user of ebay for 13 years now, and use it to mainly obtain all those hard to find spare parts for computers I fix.

After getting back to UK 4 days ago, I tried to buy a nonworking laptop for a nice winter indoors project, and give to a friend who needs a cheap laptop, in this case the seller doesn’t ship to the Isle of Wight, which I don’t. I live in Portsmouth.

For non British people (actually I think post codes in Canada work similar to UK possibly…) Post codes are one or two letters for the city and then some numbers for the localised area of the city then a gap and more random letters and numbers, like this:-



This above wikipedia article tells you how the localised codes work for the Portsmouth, Chichester and Isle of Wight areas.

If you live in the Isle of Wight, their post is handled by Portsmouth’s sorting office.

Basically it boils down to the fact, Isle of Wight is used by PO30 – PO40 post codes. If you have a post code of PO3 6__ like me, ebay’s infrastructure refuses you to buy this item as that the seller won’t ship to the Isle of Wight, which the parcel couriers naturally charge a bit more.

There is a space between the two halves of the post code which is entered correctly on my ebay account details, but it interprets me as being in PO36 area it seems.

So ebay, in return for reporting an infrastructure issue, and being a loyal customer since 1999 and 2000+ feedback, any chances of a nice pressie for Christmas?

Hannukah in Jerusalem 2012

Its the third day of Hannukah today.

Have to admit I have not paid a great deal of attention to this particular festival right now,

After church on sunday a friend surprised me with a gift of a candle set.   I forgot about it until this evening, so I got it out of my rucksack and set it up.   I think we are on the third day, so I have lit it as far as I am aware close to the same sequence as the electric ones I have seen erected in the street – hope I have got this right…. 🙂


This set is interesting for several reasons, this set is made to be extremely low cost.    Its true I have some extremely elaborate ones, like the gold one my friend Judah got a photo with close to the Western Wall which I think cost several million dollars, and there’s the ones cleverly fabricated from spent Hamas rockets I wrote a while back.   Its admirable there are some truly outstanding craftsman in the Jewish world, and many implements used in Jewish practices are extremely precision made to a very high standard.


But this one has its only unique charm as its built to a price.   Its a one-piece section of sheet aluminum pressed in half to shape in a similar fashion to a mass produced beverage can, including the circular holders.    As poverty is a big issue (1 in 4) in this country this is good, so everyone can afford to celebrate this holiday.

Yeshua said himself that he appreciated the poor giving what they could, just like parable of poor woman who gave some small value copper coins as a tithe.

Right now, I’m frantically finishing up some projects at work, getting Christmas presents, host a party for some friends at my flat this friday, then preparing to fly back for a month to see family and friends and get some recuperation.


Visit to Mount Hertzl


Got a chance to take a Friday off work and go on a tour instead, a group of us got to go to Mount Hertzl which is next to the Yad Veshem holocaust museum.   “Ha Hertzl” is written in the topiary here in Hebrew.

Here this place is a cemetery for some of the senior members of the government and founding pioneers of the country.


Here’s a close up of this unusual Menorah, its all steel, and intricately made.   If you look closely there’s some poles with pulleys for something, not sure what exactly.  It looks like the whole assembly is supposed to pivot sideways in separate assemblies too.

hertzl pano

This is the grave of Theodor Herzl the father of Zionism.   Herzl was not religious, his vision was to create a Jewish nation just for Jews to love away from antisemitism, at the time there were many pieces of land chosen for a prototype Israel, some of them being Uganda (!) and Kamchatka, which is eastern Russia, before the new state of Israel seemed a better choice with its vast amount of historical value from Jewish people who had dwelled there previously.    Its funny today how ‘Zionism’ is a dirty word these days associated with racism with some people when actually Hertzl was not at all religious but had a Christian friend who gave him some moral courage to make founding of a Jewish nation a reality.


This grave is quite new, the right hand one that is, its for Yitzak Shamir who died this year, his wife died previously.


This is Golda Meir, prime minister during the 1973 Yom Kippor war.   A popular and kind lady she probably pre-dated Margret Thatcher commonly known as the ‘iron lady’ as a female statesman.


This is for Yitzak Rabin who was gunned down in 1994 in Tel Aviv by a lone Jewish assassin.

Of course, there are some notable exceptions, the first leader of Israel David Ben Gurion is not buried here, but in a small community in the desert, as he enjoyed living in a holiday home out there.   Military leaders, fallen soldiers and Rabbis are more likely to be found in the Mount of Olives.

cemetry pano