China trip – 22. Brand new church Shanghai

My hostel is on this map here. (don’t forget nothing Google works inside China)

Directly opposite the hostel is a church.   Not just any church, this was brand new.   Not a tiny place run on a shoestring, but a building three floors with a underground car park and a security guard in a booth!  It appears it was built after Google made this map and no longer provides recent changes.

IMG_20170423_094729308 1024The church I went to in Beijing (in June 2017) was an international church and to comply with the government would only let in foreigners and Chinese who hold non-Chinese passports.  This place here was a indigeonous type of congregation, without obvious support from other nations and was new and seemed welcoming but no one spoke English.  I’ve no idea what was preached.    I did see this bookshop though.

I actually feel uneasy about talking about some of this on my blog as I don’t want them to face harrasment.  There are stories from Christian (in 2018) news sites about churches being demolished or blown up by the Chinese government and sales of bibles stopped.  There is definite persecution of Chinese Christians, which is why many churches operate from people’s homes.


Meanwhile, back in London, UK.   In late 2017, I bought this bible mail order through a really good small online Christian retailer called    I only bought it as my regular bible was looking more battered, and at £12 this bible is great value and has a sturdy maroon hardcover.   Lo and behold, it is made in China!

Please remember to pray for the body of Christ in China and for the church and the gospel to continue to grow.

21. Shanghai’s Science museum

23. Urban fishing Shanghai style


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