Modena, Italy – 3. Secrets of the Ferrari factory plant

This is the front of the factory. You are not supposed to take pictures. (oops) I know all car markers have big problems with secrets of up and coming cars being leaked to rivals.

You can see what looks like a dealership which is actually a fancy merchandise place, and some hotels. Spin around here and there is a digital sign to warn you about speeding, just so you don’t get carried away.

This is the rear of the factory. I did see several flatbed trucks with a car bodyshell with a tarp over it going out of this place.

There are several different specialist retail stores down the road with car history books and used pieces of Formula 1 cars.

There are nearby places where you can drive a Ferrari around the town for a 100 Euros. Was very tempted!!

Ordinarily, there would be bus loads of tourists here, if it wasn’t for Covid. This whole town is built around visitors who love these famous exotic motorcars.

I ended up spending more time than I planned by the factory as getting back to the main town of Modena was tricky, as some of the buses were not running because of a strike and I waited a long time at the bus stop. In the end some kind people showed me a different street where to get back.

I noticed something interesting. Maybe every 10 minutes or so, I heard the roar of an engine. I think I was close enough to the final bit of the production line, where someone has put petrol in a newly finished car, and fires up the ignition to proclaim the car is alive!!

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