Buskers and music in the high street

Often lately when I go into Commercial Road in Portsmouth, I get treated to some music being played by the fountain.  Often it used to be panpipe play South American who are think are from Peru or Chile.  Lately it has been Chinese or Native American music.

The Chinese band was particularly interesting with two unusual instruments played by the two gentleman, one was something across between a harp and a xylophone which has strings and played with a pair of hammers, the other being a kind of upright violin leaned onto a table.  The music was superb and unique.  I regret buying a CD off them now.

Am curious to know where these bands get checked out by the council to get permission to play, is there a way of finding out where they are playing next?   Can someone out there from the council tell me where anyone can get information, if they have a web site?

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