CB radio chat = the first internet chatroom?

I was watching a brief glimpse of a 70s movie Smokey and the Bandit the other day, one of the amusing things about 1970s American rural towns is everyone has a CB radio in their car.  Its kind of like internet chat before the internet.  In cars.

People have a nickname and get lost in an imaginary world, but there is a kind of slightly rebelious community spirit, ie: warning other drivers theres a hidden police speedtrap ahead.

I wonder what happen if this was to happen in the 20×0’s on my commute to work, seeing I often see the same vehicles regulary.

(this is using some kind of hands free radio microphone and a small computer on the dash that tells you who is talking :o)

<bob in green focus> morning everybody.

<photocopierrepairmandave> morning mate.

<xx white van lady xx> hello cutie

<the_red_french_tractor>  (me)  hmm no snow then as predicted on the news, oh well, no accidents then :o)

<chav in a 1.2 corsa> does anyone like my new lexus rear lights?

<bob in green focus> no, they look stupid, did you get plenty of Halfords gift vouchers for Christmas to get tat for your car?

<xx white van lady xx> why thankyou Graham for being the first courteous BMW driver I have seen in a while

<Grahams blue 99 3 series> thats ok, woohoo I should reach my sales target this month!!

…and so on

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