Catholicism and Mars

Crikey – half a year has gone by and I havent written anything,

The news today says the Vatican is looking to see if there is life on Mars.

When I was a kid I thought it would good to find out if there is life out there, there was the hugely exciting Roswell tapes in the 90s which were deemed to be a fraud after all.

My thinking recently was God would of told us if he made another set of people somewhere else, and there is nothing out there. There is far more exciting tangible stuff that scientists can study like new breeds of animals and plants, like that Squid type creature which has the largest eyes of any animal known to man.

Whilst we are on the subject, I really dont get Catholicism, my relationship with God is with Jesus and I have great interest in Israel because of the origins of the bible and plans outlined for Christ’s return in Revelation, but the Vatican is a strange phenomena as its base for the Pope, an also strange man made tradition of needing to have overall representative of your faith who gets to have his own custom spec car to stand up in. Having his own very small country enclaved in Italy, and it seems Catholics often seem to have more of a emphasis on Christ’s mother Mary, seems rather close to what the bible calls idolatry? To me its a bit like going to a football match because you are a fan of the linesman.

I am sure the Pope is good chap and means well and promotes good Christian causes, and I wouldn’t mind meeting and chatting to him, its not really a good representation of what Jesus’s plan for us, so cant say its something I would encourage.

Hope I am not offending anyone is a catholic but I do tend to speak my mind a bit sometimes, and would consider anyone reading this who is in to this stuff, to pray and ask God what is the correct priorities and focus on being a Christian.

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