Heading off to Israel…

A little while back I mentioned about some plans to do some work overseas,

I am pleased to announce my plans. I am going to be volunteering for Bridges for Peace a Christian charity working with Jews in Israel. Their headquarters is in Jerusalem and I am going to be there providing IT support to the staff there. This is role is unsalaried, to many people this seems like a crazy idea but I am taking a step of faith to be provided with the means to live out there.

I will flying out there as soon as I get my visa, this should realistically be around the end of July as I wish to finish in the current contract I have at the moment and I going to a party of a close friend of mine in Oxford the week before.

Please keep this blog in your browser favourites and I will be mentioning more about what I am doing and life in the modern land of Israel.

A web site with the details of this project is nearly done and I will post a link soon.

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