prayer walking places

Before I left, I used to go walking along the seafront in Southsea, head out of my house and turn left and go as far as the rock gardens on South Parade Pier, or turn right and head around Old Portsmouth and Gunwharf. At the moment Rehavia Park is my blank canvas for speaking to the Lord on thanking him, giving him praise or asking for help at the moment. Walking in the park is nice as its usually full of families often having barbeques or people out with their dogs or jogging.

Shabbat on a balcony overlooking the city

Had Shabbat dinner (from friday) at a friends house on the other side of town, well a longish walk across the park along side the the Knesset (government building) Had some really good food, got to sit on a balcony across the city, the view was amazing. Whats more that balcony had a wooden frame built around it, so it could be used as a Succot tent, just throw a big tarpaulin over it.

Our team consists of people from US, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Australia and Japan, until now actually I was the only Brit but there another person joined this week.