learning experiences

Learning experiences

If anything, my 6 months in Israel is a big learning experience. In many different ways, I am learning the culture here, that people don’t queue for the shops and if the guy in the car in front of you hasnt notice the lights have gone green its quite acceptable to lean on the horn, but also having to expand my technical skillsets with learning how the computer network runs and troubleshooting a dead server at work, and supporting users on Macs something I havent done before. My own laptop keeps overheating, so have several times replaced the fan and put some new thermal paste on the ships but its still not working quite right.

I still havent figured out a way to learn Hebrew yet, as don’t have money to do proper lessons. Its hard shopping when I need a 5 shekel coin to release a trolley and I have to ask someone for change, or looking at items on the shelves which a lot don’t have English labels so I have absolutely no clue what they are.   Would welcome any suggestions on this.   Probably something I could put on my iPodI could listen as it takes me 35 minutes to get to work.

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