Today I hit 33, Jesus died at this age at the peak of his ministry somewhere probably no more than a mile than a live at the moment.   Thats quite a sobering thought.

Lately I get to go round someone’s house, either with one of the Bridges for Peace volunteers, or to some friends who work for one of several other Christian organisations in the city, and have food on friday night (Shabbat) which I did yesterday, its always great fun and everyone tends to much in making something.

Today I have some people coming round my house tonight so I am trying to make a bunch of things, have assembled together a Lasagne in a long aluminium tray, I have never cooked anything this big nor for and organise for 10-12ish people who are coming tonight, I need to make some chilli as well as Lasagne with its meat and diary combination isnt kosher, hopefull this should be ok, no one has told me if they are vegatarian or has any special requirements, I am just a little nervous this is all going to work out ok tonight.

Later tonight a few of us are heading to a comedy club in town, as have been recommended this is a must do experience when doing Jerusalem, not been to one of these before, so should be interesting.

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