electronic bible

I am thinking of getting an old Windows PDA for use purely for bible study, looking for ideas amongst fellow IT pros on some ideas.

Often I rely on using biblegateway.com for searching for keywords on some scripture and a small device in which I can carry around in addition to a bible in a carry case would be good.

Now old HP/Compaq ipaqs and Dell Axims can be got for as little as £25 on ebay,

This is what I need,

Basic, cheap, reasonable battery life, clear screen, SD card slot, not scratch prone, some app to show bible (maybe multiple translations) easy to make notes on things, possibly a way to sync things from google calender via Activesync, usable on screen keyboard. 64Mb or even 32Mb would be probably be fine. Maybe a bolt on real keyboard.

What I dont need: iPhone/iPod Touch, these are great but wants some basic as its more or less going to be used for one purpose only, so I dont want to get distracted by messing about with some other things when I want to use it just for bible study. I dont need a phone (I have a basic one that suits me fine) I dont need wireless or bluetooth or MP3 or camera.

I want to stick with Windows just to stick with something mainstream.

Suggestions are welcome from anyone.

day visit to Modi’im

On Sunday the day after my birthday we went to a town called Modi’im, mainly with the intention of seeing a movie and looking at the shops in the mall. Sadly this particular cinema only did two English films and neither of them seemed that good. Looked at a few shops, one of the being Tower Records, I got chatting with the guy behind the counter, as it was quiet, we would the only people in the store, and there was some nice reggae tunes playing that the man on the till had chosen to put on, after a bit of chatting he said the Skatalites were playing in Israel in a few weeks. Sounds great, but cant really afford to get a ticket for them currently.

After the mall went to visit one of my friends’ family, this South African couple who had made Aliyah to Israel not so long ago, the flat they had was lovely, very modern, but extremely spacious but best of all was getting out onto the balcony, as it was on the 18th floor you could see for miles, everywhere from Ashkelon all the was to Petah Tikva, with the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv in the distance.

Afterwards this man called David pointed out that me and the other 3 of us were from complete seperate continents (myself from UK, one guy from the US and the two girls from South Africa and Japan.) kind of similar to what the bible says about God bringing people from the four corners of the earth. Fascinating stuff.

My Birthday went really well, I was nervous about not having the right amount of food but it all turned out perfect, had 12 of us out in the porch outside our small flat, then there was 5 of us at Jerusalem comedy club at the top of Ben Yehuda Street, this was fun, was 40 Skekels to get in (£6)  we had the barman who was also MCing the event, and inevitably, as it was by birthday, I got lifted up on a chair with some people and had some Israeli song sung by the guy with the microphone, next was the warm up guy who looked very new to stand up, he was ok, but had to keep looking at his piece of paper to remember his gags, after 20 minutes there was the main guy called Charley who was a real natural, he kept the jokes coming thick and fast and I liked the fact he used a lot of his experience of making Aliyah from the US and getting used to life here was the main bulk of his material.   Was a really great night.