beach buggy and VW bus

this car (looks VW based) was pictured near a junction by a pizza restaurant near where I live.


Looks like it could be could be more at home at Tel Aviv a city at home with beach bums.

This vintage camper below was in a car park opposite Tel Aviv beach though.  Sound heaps of fun for camping in the desert.    The Hebrew text on the number plate is something I have seen on other (>30 year old) vintage vehicles here I guess they have a tax exemption on classic cars like they do in the UK.

vw bus

funfair style game to win cigarettes

a small video game arcade in the old city had this interesting funfair style crane grab game, normally for picking up cuddly toys, but this one has cigarettes as prizes.

Maybe nicotine starved people are willing to feed shekels into this contraption until they get their prized cancer sticks…

fag machine