broken arm on ice

After yesterday walking in treacherous conditions into town in Portsmouth, it might be considered a bit silly to walk again, but I needed to meet up with my church leader at church two miles away in Southsea, opposite a bike shop in Victoria Road I took a tumble onto the ice covered pavement backwards pretty hard taking a lot of the force on my left elbow.

The blow feels like when you see children hurt themselves, there is a few seconds delay before they cry as there is a sudden sense of shock, for me it more of a case of  down in agony on the street in pain than saying a few rude words. But seriously, it felt like it could be something more than a bruise, I carried on walking with my left hand in my pocket and went to chat to people at my church, after a brief while I felt like there was something stuffed in the sleeve of my jacket, I often might keep my camera in there while I wander around Jerusalem which has typically British autumn weather in winter period in Israel, however in turns out my elbow has expanded to the size of a small grapefruit, first of all the church staff drove me in the direction of the NHS walk in centre, a place to go in if you have a minor injury like a sprain, but it was clear I was going to need an X-ray so I got dropped off at Queen Alexandria hospital near Cosham at their Accident and Emergency ward.

It was a little frustrating waiting around after taking a ticket to get seen and then get a brief consultation of asking how much it hurt from one to ten, this was hard as the pain is more of a dull ache, and this can be worrying as it suggests there could have been a problem with the nerves that pass through the elbow. After some pain killers and it put in a sling I get put on a triage list, and they checked to see if I have feeling sensation and in moving my fingers and wrist which worked all ok.

The xrays proved I had a break in the bone near the elbow, after remembering injuries from various people from BFP staff that had breaks that required operation needing metal plates and screws put in, was something I was dreading. Later on I was offered some stronger pain killers and told to be nill-by-mouth (nothing to eat or drink, not even water) for next day as I need to be called into hospital for some kind of treatment, possibly an operation then.

At the moment I am learning to type one-handed, called a couple of people in Israel on Skype to get them to pray, I am just in a sling, as opted not to have plaster put on, at least until I find what treatment I get tomorrow.

I decided to still cook for my parents today (tuesday) as still wanted to try and cook some middle eastern food, so did some couscous with saffron, meat balls, fried eggplant and pepper with Israeli salad (chopped cucumber, tomato with olive oil and parsley, just took me a bit longer but cutting up vegetables wasn’t too hard one handed. Came out pretty good but forgot to buy some humus.