The ambulance chaser telemarketers exposed.

The people that texted me wanting me to claim about my accident, I decided to responded to the text with a reply “moreinfo” or whatever it was and they called me.   First of all I had a missed call from 02031891350 (looks like a London number but the 3 confuses me a little?).  When you call them back you get a message saying “this is MSAC, leave your number and we will call you back”   I didn’t.   They called me again later, I told them I am not interested and demanded to know where they got my details from.

I did some research. MSAC aka Money Saving Advice Centre has a sales team who want to claim for your accident and do other things such as miss-sold insurance on investment claims.  Can’t find a web site for them, but just seems they have an army of aggressive sales people who can be retrained for whatever dastardly purpose is needed.

Sounds like they are trying to pretend to brand themselves similar to Martin Lewis’s well respected web site (which is a great genuine goldmine of unbiased financial advice)

Seeing as they have used dubious, possibly illegal techniques to find me (someone has told me who works in government, there is plausible legal loopholes for them to get confidential information from hospitals)   I’ll do them the favour back by listing them on the big ‘ol bad interwebs.   So there.   Mua ha ha. 😛

But seriously, if you get a missed call from these people and you’ve found my blog by googling that number, now you know 🙂

Have you had your personal data leaked to a dodgy sales canvassers?  You could be liable to compensation!  phone 0800 BENTLAWYERS4U you have nothing to lose!!!

3 comments on “The ambulance chaser telemarketers exposed.

  1. I get texts from people saying I can claim for accidents when I have not had any. These texts are not necessarily linked to your accident.

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