Dividing wall in Jerusalem

This wall here is the one put in a few years ago between west and east Jerusalem, it runs all the way around the outside of the Palestinian territories.   To many it looks like an icon of oppression, and people make comparisons between the wall in Berlin that used to divide Germany until 1989, or think its similar to the Apartheid movement in South Africa.

Look at the graffiti and you can see people wanting to show help to the people that live beyond this wall.   But, if you live in Israel in the early 2000s or even before then when bombings of cars, coffee shops and shopping malls happened once or twice a month, where people live in fear of terrorism then something needed to be done.  Giving a neighbouring authority that has a large scale terrorist infrastructure ability to come and cause death and destruction should not be allowed in.   Like a good farmer that needs to protect his chickens from a murderous neighbour like a fox, this is what the wall is for, although its a shame this affects the Palestinians who only want to live their daily lives without affecting anyone.

Some other roadblocks put in place for the safety of everyone have been relaxed in order to give Palestinians more freedom, but then things like this happen. (link)

Many people wont like me saying this but as the wall has meant terrorist attacks in Jerusalem do not seem happen hardly ever now, the wall is a good thing, and has saved the lives of many Jews, Arabs and visiting foreigners.

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