Explosive geology of volcanos and natural disasters

Just a few days ago, the media reported that Britain told Israel it could not use the Western Wall in tourist marketing material.   Sounded ridiculous.  The next day a Britain and surrounding northern European nations have their airspace completely shutdown in the biggest downtime in international aviation history by an Icelandic volcano.   Whatever you want to make of this, I am praying that Britain and other countries do not attempt actions that could interfere with God’s plan for Israel.

Iceland is an amazing place, its in the top part of the Atlantic Ocean seated right on the split of the earth’s crust between Europe and North America.  Even before this recent event volcanos have fascinated me since I went to Iceland with some friends in 2005.  With 24 hour daylight during the spring that we went and electricity that runs off of heat produced by the water, this is one place like no other.

The volcano that went off in the Westman Islands off of South West coast in 1973, did destroy a fair bit of the town, but only one person died, the place was quickly rebuilt, but the most amazing thing was the people prayed the lava would stop, and it did!  right in front of the church gates.   I visited this place and bits of ruined houses are still left with lava rock wrapped around it.  It serves as a testament to the mostly Christian people of the Westman Islands the power of prayer.

Interestingly enough when volcanoes happen, cartographers have to rewrite the maps as the place will look radically different afterwards.

I am not a endtimes sort of person, but in the five months of this year there has been an awful lot of natural disasters lately, Haiti, China, Turkey and Chile just coming to mind.

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