Sizergate and Anti-Zionism in the blogging world

Reading quite a bit online lately about quite a bit of controversy on Sizergate, a blogging centred around a Reverend Stephen Sizer an Anglican vicar who has books such as Christian Zionism: Road-map to Armageddon? His books have been both praised and condemned by Christians around the world.

Someone once told me I should get a copy of this, thinking that Christians that are interested in Israel are often labeled as nutcases, but its interesting to see that bloggers such as British Messianic Jew Seismic Shock and also Harry’s place has exposed the not so nice intentions of the seemingly polite and well spoken Rev Sizer, having the usual ‘occupation’ rhetoric typically spewed by a lot of mainstream media, and his failure to comment on why should Israel tolerate rocket attacks in Sderot from Gaza, but more disturbingly amongst involvement with senior people in the Iranian government, its hard to see how you could be more antagonistic than to cuddle up with Israel’s number 1 arch enemy and sending the police round to people criticising him on their blogs.   Sad that this man is in Iran considering there is a new fledgling church up and coming in the Islamic Republic mostly in secret that could be potentially poisoned by his questionable doctrine.  He also writes for quite a few Christian magazines, you may want to make careful choices of what publications you choice to read.   But the point of all of this drivel feeds the bogus doctrine of Replacement Theology into our churches and cloud the legitimate biblical backed claims that the founding of the modern state of Israel and the Jewish people DO play a part in God’s plan, today, whether you like it or not.

Interestingly enough Amazon also have another book inspired by Sizer’s called Defending Christian Zionism by David Pawson.  Sadly Amazon is chock full of books with ant-Israel and anti-Semitic writings, some of them very offensive sounding.

Please note I am not interested in a heated debate, so most comments here will be deleted.

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