UK elections – how about drive in voting?

This week has been elections in the UK, I haven’t taken part, as although I don’t agree with apathy on voting, I am in another country, and wasn’t quite organised to sort out a postal vote, plus I don’t know if the logistics in this kind of thing are practical as post is quite slow between UK and Israel.

There is talk again about arranging voting electronically.  I am totally against this as there is no way of making this work with accountability, and that the IT systems are telling the truth about who pressed the button or clicked the square.

There was also anger over people having to be queueing for ages and then not being able, and the 10pm (or whatever) deadline goes and people were told they were too late.

To avoid people not bothering at all – how about this?

Drive in voting.  I reckon a good 20-30% of the country would like to vote on their way home from work.

This could be quite simple.   Find an empty council (or business) car park which should be empty or mostly empty the evening the voting happens.

You go into a car park close to a main road with clear sign posts, once into the car park you just drive upto three different sheds, one for surnames A-K, L-R, and S-Z or whatever and collect your ballot paper and they do the usual procedures there.   Drive on a little bit further to another small stop and write your vote, and dump a throw away type biro and ballot paper into a big box, and off you go.  Job done in probably 90 seconds or so.   Wouldn’t cost much.  Not much different from going onto a toll road, or drive in McDonalds.

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