The Sanhedrin Tombs, burning garbage, wild birds

On Sunday before church I was taking a ride around the city in the afternoon close to Meir Shareem.

The Haredi community (Ultra Orthodox people) which live in this part of town seem to have got upset about something (usually that government had said or done)  had decided to burn some rubbish bins, hence the horrible smelling melted green plastic still burning in the road.  I didn’t see any people that looked like they were angry or holding cans of petrol or whatever as it seems they had already fled.   Seeing as I blogged before about Arab community burning bins, maybe setting fire to garbage is becoming a national sport or something?

Anyway, I got sight of this sign post, and decided to investigate.

Various sources I have read up on the Sanhedrin Tombs says the bones of who was buried there were taken away years ago.  More articles here.

Sadly there is a fair bit of discarded garbage in the park, its a nice place to take a shade from the hot midday heat though.

As you can see the caves are partially fenced off (except one) to stop being putting rubbish in them or using them as a toilet.

The park amongst the tombs, had some Orthodox families walking through  enjoying the escape from the frantic pace of the city, but also I got a glimpse of some nice birds in the trees.

A Woodpecker and a Blue Jay (looks like baby, they are normally a bit bigger than this)  I have seen both these birds sometimes my work’s headquarters in the garden, but its a pleasure to see them anywhere.

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