The modern Shepherd

Found these pictures from last year.

This was a nice way of a glimpse of something around in biblical times that hasn’t changed much today.

I got a glimpse of a shepherd and his flock of goats just off a main road towards the Arab part of the city.  A good way of visualising life like by Yeshua (Jesus) himself.  Especially with the backdrop of hills in every direction, rocky desert like ground with olive trees and white stone buildings.

Here after getting some pictures, the Shepherd asked if I had some money as a token in getting pictures of his flock, I pulled out about 3 shekels, but he said in a mixture of basic English and hand gestures he was wanting 10 shekels to get some cigarettes.   This was a young Arab man of about 20.

I think today’s shepherds mostly tend to be Arab Bedouins in open spaces often seen on the side of highways living in tents.

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