Jerusalem Segway tours

Something funny I see sometimes on the promenade of the Peace Forest about 1km from my house.

People doing tours of Jerusalem on Segways. These funny looking upright two wheel scooters can be rented on organised tours which let you whizz about in convoy around the outer parts of the city.    I have always wondered how these things work, staff at Disney world have them and so do some police forces around the world, you balance on two wheels only as there are some gyroscopes and nifty electronics that keep you perfectly upright, steering and changing speed by the rider is done but just tilting the handlebars forward or back and left and right.

Riders on these tours have helmets and wear pads on their knees.   Remains to be seen if you get a Segway (I think they are extremely expensive)  if the tyres can be changed over between road use or more rougher terrains.  Looks fun though.

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