Futurliner rare bus/truck used by US Christian ministry

As I like old cars and I service equipment and resources for Christian organisations, this article today I thought was interesting, an unusual bus owned by evangelist Oral Roberts for a travelling ministry.


Far from being an extravagance which some famous TV preachers have been accused of in the past, this type of transport make sense as a mobile office and somewhere to sleep for anyone working on the road, just like actors on a remote movie set or funfair or circus operators.

This site also shows restoration of these rare beasts.   I particularly like the high up aircraft cockpit driving position, I wonder how practical it is for every driving.  I have never seen these before, I guess they are a reminder when the American automotive industry was a world away from the depressing 201xs and at its very peak during the 1950s and higher price exotic vehicles with brands like Cadillac were booming.  I am assuming these bespoke vehicles built to to the customer’s own specification.  I guess that why the Wiki article on this unusual ultra rare behemoth camper shows only 12 produced and one sold recently for a cool $4m.

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