Paul Chambers in Twitter airport bomb joke trial

Theres lots of fuss about Paul Chambers who was upset about an airport who mentioned about wanting to blow the place up.   See #twitterjoketrial or #IAmSpartacus for those wanting to look up on Twitter.

Its true people should have freedom of speech, but in all honesty, writing things on Twitter is like wearing a hat with velcro letters stuck on it, only write things you are happy to make public.

Now a large proportion of the Twitter community are defending this chaps actions as ‘freedom of speech’    I think this is daft.  If you write something that jovial that might be misconstrued as a threat to a country’s borders in a communication medium which is public, you are really asking for trouble.

Prolific Twitter Stephen Fry has offered to pay the fine for this chap.  Seriously Stephen, when you were a comedian and actor you were terrific, but when you go on Top Gear and announce one of your favourite apps for your mobile device is for having casual Gay sex with strangers then I kind of lost respect for you.   Keeping your nasty habits to yourself please.  Plus this man seems to spend his whole life in Twitter, and where as I like Apple’s products, the clique that use them as little electronic security blankets really quite pathetic and silly.   Please Stephen, get back to good television and British wit, oh, and get back to doing another Blackadder again.

This might mean using some common sense and not updating statuses about yourself when you are upset or angry about something, do something sensible like phone up or better meet with a close friend when you want to rant about something when you have a bad day.

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