Harp players in Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem

Whats this big crowd today on this popular precinct?

Often there are musicians and entertainers of alsorts, but today this was a bit different.

This group of harpists, I think they are Christians from various different countries, were doing some playing for charity.  There are about 15 of them with instruments of different sizes, there are handheld symmetrical ‘Davidic’ (ie: like the one King David owned) harps and the large floor standing ones, they have various different sized hollow bases to provide a different type of tone.

I didn’t hear them playing much as they were mainly giving a talk about their charity they were raising support for.  The music was nice and very different.   I had to leave to go to my church worship event.   Later that day I was planning to see some Blues guitar at a club in downtown Talpiyot later that evening.

Interesting fact I read this week; the Marx brothers, the Jewish New Yorker family who did music and comedy,  the most well known being Groucho Marx, one of the pioneers of modern sarcasm and grease paint moustaches, his older brother Harpo Marx left his famous harp to the State of Israel when he died in 1964, although I have not been able to find out where it is stored.

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