Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo part 1 – Noah’s Ark and Servals

1. Noah’s Ark and Servals – 2. Wild plain3. The Birds

I went with two friends to the biblical zoo not far from the town of Gilo.

There is so much to see here, it seems well run, surprising reasonable ticket (45 Shekels, about 7 Pounds) the animals look well cared for and enclosures seem to closely mimic their natural habitats.

Past an open ground which simulates an African plain, there is Noah’s Ark!   But it has a coke machine!!

and internet access!!

This is a serval. I have never heard of these before, its a smallish wild cat, seems bigger than a Lynx I think.   There are several of them! ha! no, tell a lie, I only saw one, and he is asleep 😀

I am actually quite amazed how many animals are native to the middle east, I’ll show some more on the next part of this trip soon….

Check out

1. Noah’s Ark and Servals – 2. Wild plain3. The Birds

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