Tiberias evening light show

As it started to get dark, the coastline started to look interesting with the cloud formations..

Restaurants have usual fare of middle eastern food but also specialise in fish aimed at Christian visitors to the Galilee.

A couple of years ago, a strange looking beacon was installed along the side of the Galilee, its unlikely ships would get lost, instead this is a project that display colour patterns onto fountains of water…

It pretty and entertaining too, and free.

There is plenty of bars and restaurants here, its a pretty lively city.  With the bars that open onto the beach, they remind me a bit of Eilat, albeit with the Galilee and not the Red Sea though. 🙂

I got to go for a beer with my friend Arnold who was already good friends with the youth hostel owner, and he came out and brought along his daughter.

This bar has a tree growing out of the inside of it…

A day in my work in the Galilee – The Jesus boat in Ginosar – The Kinneret Lake – Tiberias evening light show – Preaching and miracles of Jesus in CapernaumTiberias city centre and Muriels and Maimonidies

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