Rubbish piles up on Jerusalem’s streets

I recently heard there were some strikes from people who work in Jerusalem’s municpality.

Today I forgot all about this until today….

Here with my friend Jessee, there’s one heck of a lot of rubbish in the streets!

As no one has as collected it, theres about 4 times rubbish that supposed to fit it in the bin, looks pretty bad!

I wonder if the owner of this old VW Beetle (actually in very good condition) knew what he what he was in for when he parked here!  Often I see homeless or poor people looking in the bins for bottles, which can be redeemed for cash they have a deposit on them, but here no one wants to sift through this!!

Oddly enough, friends of mine that have visited Cairo, the Egyptian capital says this doesn’t look as bad!!

Anyone who has visited the centre of Jerusalem will know there is thousands of stray cats around, they were brought in to get rid of rats and mice, buts its worrying to think what kind of health risk there is.   One of my local friends told me the garbage collection should start again today though…

I hope some kind of agreement can happen with the government workers, but it seems a strike is not so sensible considering a back log of waste to have to deal with when they get back to work!

Today I was in the shuk and saw lots of extremely cheap (less than 2 shekels a kilo) vegetables that were at the end of their life, they would have to be eaten that day, after getting a knife and hacking out mouldy bits.    Maybe this is an incentive to recycle more, and maybe bad vegetables could be composted or fed to chickens or something.

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