Jerusalem F1 event – the holyland’s debut as a track for motor sport

This is something exciting I got to view back in June;

Monaco, San Marino and Bahrain and small mini countries which are used as a race track at times of the year, even if it maybe a bit of an inconvenience for the local people, heck let them have a day off for a couple of days.


Exotic cars are a rare in Israel, people aren’t really into cars here, they prefer to drive something boring like a Mazda.    So its unusual to see this Aston Martin, these cars that were here also have Israeli licence plates.   Think all the other exotic cars include the non-road going F1 cars have all been shipped in from elsewhere.


Me and some British friends here get to check his race out.

The track made me a bit nervous, I think getting hay bales is difficult in this country, so there are simple barriers and some opt to buy tickets to sit a proper grandstand in a park close to Yemen Moshe.

P1060852  P1060865

This event is very much a test, so the cars are driving around fast enough to make a decent bit of noise, but not as quick as a lot of races.

I have to say, its a really odd choice using Jerusalem for a race track, here the cobbles and hills mean a car with a tiny gap between the floor of the car and the road seems not very practical.


Usual famous spots like the YMCA and the King David hotel are being photographed as they were like the cafes and hotels in Monte Carlo, Monaco which I saw back in 2005.

Aha!  a Ferrari in the ‘wild’   I’d imagine there can’t be more of these cars in the whole of Israel than can be counted on one hand.

If anyone from the government is watching this, or, anyone interested in motorsport in Israel, I have an idea, there’s plenty of empty space in the desert which occupies most of the bottom-half of the country, there must be enough space to build a dedicated track that nice and big and purpose designed for a new attraction in this country, visitors could stay in a city like Beer Sheva and take a bus down to the track, and provide jobs and tourism for the less visited low bit of this nation.

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