Disturbing toys for Arab children – Little Tykes Jihad


These were all taken by me in Jerusalem’s Arab quarter of the Old City, there’s often quite a few shops that sell toys and games here.  I mean Arabs and Jews have larger (5-10 kids is not unusual) families then Westerners.    This sign points towards the Al Aqsa mosque past this row of vendors of market goods.

P1070158I guess this mini laptop teaches Koran and Islamic theology to kids?

This below picture really is proof that teaching war and hatred to kids is very real problem here.   Look closely and this Chinese made toy has pictures of lots of Muslims bowed in prayer and kids dressed up in a costume consistent with Jihad terrorism.

After all many people in the west are only upset when the US, Israel and Europe take action against Islamic terror, when actually there are more people killed from Arab versus Arab wars.


I think mostly the world will turn a blind eye and think its someone else’s problem.

As a believer in Jesus, my God loves Arab people and children, more and more people today in the middle east and elsewhere are leaving Islam and finding a saviour that loves them.

I make a habit of praying over Muslim children that I see here, that they wouldn’t be brainwashed into any kind of hatred.   Matthew 18:6 warns of harsh consequences of those who abuse children in any way.

One comment on “Disturbing toys for Arab children – Little Tykes Jihad

  1. Good post Jonathan. It is an eye opener to learn that even their toys are used as indoctrination tools in both their religion and to kill. Very sad situation, and rightly so that you state Matthew 18:6 as a warning. God bless you for praying over those kids when you came across them.

    In 2010 when I was standing up in the Jewish area of the Kotel, overlooking directly across at the Wall, a group of primary school muslim girls were next to me. They were on an excursion and I thought maybe they might have come from Jordan since they were on excursion. Then suddenly one of them gave me a very big sweet, shy smile. And she kept smiling shyly. It made me feel shy and embarrassed too but what special moment that was. If such sweet moments could occur daily amongst the Jews and Arabs, that would be best.

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