My dinner with Canon Andrew White in Jerusalem

I met up with a friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to meet with her as she was off to see the legendary Canon Andrew White, the vicar of Baghdad.  So it was a pleasure to do this one one evening, and met with a few other British and American people involved with various different types of ministry in the middle east.

canon andrewAndrew has a knack for building relationships with Jews, Muslims and Christians from all over.   He spends a lot of time in Jordan these days with Arab Christians escaping with their lives from Iraq and Syria which are getting taken over by Islamic State.

A quick van ride with his Aramaic Christian driver, and we were on the Mount of Olives in the Seven Arches Hotel with its original 1970s interior 🙂


This piece of rock is very very very hot……


This was a type of cooking I have never seen before.   I don’t know if this is a middle east idea.   The Arab staff of this hotel brought out these dense concrete blocks with a piece of steak on it.    The block is baked in an oven and get so extremely hot, it aids cooking the steak, so you finish it off be rotating your piece of meat to the desired cooking time.

This was a really nice unexpected surprise during my two week trip in July 2015.

3 comments on “My dinner with Canon Andrew White in Jerusalem

    • yes.

      I don’t know how much of this article is true. I don’t care for Benny Hinn or the prosperity movement.

      I do know the White works with political leaders of various kinds, to be a ambassador for the church. I think hes met Y

  1. (slicha, silly laptop touch pad)

    I think hes met Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein who are very obviously wicked people I would personally not want to mix with. I think White in sincere in trying to build a bridge to demonstrate Christ’s love, as well as the bravery to go to places that are off limits for all but the most hardcore missionary.

    Of course, I’m well aware when situations like this have been used to manipulate Christian leaders, such as the whole Christ at the Checkpoint fiasco.

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