Mosh Ben Ari – Israel’s best kept musical secret

Mosh_Ben-Ari_01I absolutely love Mosh Ben Ari.  Mosh is an Israeli guitarist of Iraqi/Yemenite Jewish background from the Galilee city of Afula.   He is in his mid 40s with dreadlocked hair who plays regular guitar, electric, bass, and various exotic middle eastern style guitars.   What’s his most closest equivalent mainstream artist?   Maybe Sting, but in all honesty his wide covering of musical genres makes him entirely unique, his style ranges from reggae, folk, Spanish and middle eastern Jewish/Arabic music.   All his lyrics are purely in Hebrew.   I’m pretty sure he is the best selling local Israeli artist of all time.

mosh ben itunes

In Israel, his best known work is the album “Derech / דרך” (The way)   The main track on this track is a famous one worth a listen.   The other perhaps golden track on this LP is “Ben Adam” which you can listen here.

This soothing upbeat slightly reggaefied track Yesh Gal, reminds my awkward time trying to find a new job after heading back to the UK, as I was listening to this driving home in a car I went just bought, seeing as I haven’t driven in 4 years.   Looking for big beats with Arabic style horns?   Then you need this track.

Probably the biggest shame is the fact in the UK, and probably everywhere else.   No one has heard of him.   Don’t expect to find his music on Amazon or anywhere else but the most specialist shop that sells imported records from the holy land.  I have 4 out of his 7 albums.

If you are a Christian who has a varying taste in music and spending any time in Israel, do get to see local bands and try and see if Mosh is doing any concerts around the time you are around.  If like me you are a Christian interested in Jewish foundations of our faith, don’t try and looking for something of spiritual value in Mosh’s music.  Yes he makes Hebrew language sound exquisite, and there are references to Elohim in some tracks.  Why?   According to listening to two songs, Mosh hints at being something of a universalist 😦  yes sadly he mentions a bit about Allah in “Jah is one” this is a pleasant upbeat track,  but – the god of Islam is absolutely not the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, blending bits of foreign religions doesn’t work.   Actually the title of track Hineh Ho Bah (Here he comes) reminds me of Zechariah 9:9 which points towards a prophecy that the Jewish Messiah would be riding on a donkey (fulfilled in Matthew 21)

In all honesty various different pop music, artists change their religious ideas like their haircuts.   If you look at say, the Beatles, Lady Madonna hints at Catholicism and John’s Lennon’s Imagine is about Atheism.

I very nearly got to see him live.   He was doing a gig at Jerusalem’s yearly multicultural festival.   I queued up only to find the people in front got the last ticket and the places was full.    I was gutted.

Mosh, if you are reading this, you are incredible musical genius who should be better known outside your nation.   I hope you can discover the love of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua that surpasses all understanding.
Official Youtube channel


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