A Mormon abandons LDS for real relationship with Christ

Read this story today.   From the uninitiated, Mormonism appears close to Christianity but actually its very different.

This story this family escapes from the LDS movement


I was surprised that the article says 85% of Mormons come from a evangelical background.  One of the most difficult articles I wrote recently was on what I call “Hyper Hebrew Roots” which is a legalistic cult to gradually gets people to deny grace, their church and the New Testament in favour of law keeping.   This is why I love Israel and ministry to the Jewish people, but the number of religious weirdos popping up on the web who say they are “Hebrew Roots” or “Torah experts” horrifies me.  These don’t bring Yeshua to Jewish people, but look at bringing Judaic practices to gentile Christians in a mixed up confused way.

These cult groups I wrote a few months ago couldn’t be any further away from real Messianic Jews and traditional Jews in Israel which I love and respect.

The fact that some Christians get off track into weird teaching isn’t a surprise as the bible warns this would happen here. 1 Timothy 4 : 1

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