Multiculturalism in Vienna Austria

Austria has immigrants like a lot of European nations, a lot of Turkish people just like next door neighbour Germany.  I like to see a mixture of different nations in my neighbourhood, but I am uncomfortable with rushed unvetted immigration which can and has been catastrophic to any country.

pano22 1024

This busy market has Russians with grocery items popular with the ex-Soviet nations.

IMG_20170619_181456532 1024

This stand had middle east spices from an Egyptian family who were running it.  I ask if they had some Ras el hanout spice mix so I could make some more Taboule (popular Arabic dish) when I got home.  After some chatting to other men, they came up with the exact ingredient for 2 euros.

IMG_20170619_182041189 1024

This is a Indian convience store, I think the people are Catholic but love this proudly displayed picture of Christ and scripture in German in their store.

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