Are there predictions of Jesus’s life in the name lineage of his ancestors? 1.

Does the Bible’s list of descendants Of Jesus from Adam and Noah in Genesis 5 and Luke 3 spell out a secret phrase predicting who the Messiah would be?

There are 76 male descendants of Christ back to God.

luke3 fathers 1I was at a Christian event where were taught healing and prophecy, but this was in the context of praying for each other.   I had several things spoken over me from people I have not previously met that were consistent with my life with Christ so far, and many were touched by the Holy Spirit and it was a great evening.   Someone mentioned in passing that Jesus’s life and ministry

Someone mentioned in passing that Jesus’s life and ministry were predicted by the names of male characters in the bible.  Just like one of my favourite shows Mythbusters (I work in IT so I like all things science)  I wanted to try and research this myself without cheating and looking at someone else’s writings first.

I’m trying to learn databases and ways of managing large amounts of data to change careers in the near future.  Firstly, I copied a chunk of text from Luke 3 and put it into a spreadsheet.  When I copied the names in columns into Hebrew with Google translator, some didn’t copy and some came out wrong like this:-  Jesse ג’סי which should be יִשַׁי.

The letter J doesn’t exist in Hebrew.   Of course, lots of Hebrew names are popular with non-Jews like me, ie; Jonathan, John, Joseph, Jacob.   These names originally started with a Y.  When words with J are transliterated into Hebrew, they have a Gimmel (G type symbol) and an apostrophe, to kind of bodge it to make it readable by Hebrew speakers.  Therefore I had to do a lot of Google searching to find out the original names and meanings.

Genesis 5 shows the Father/Son relationships from Adam to Noah, but Luke 3 shows them backwards from Jesus (including David and Abraham) to Adam.

1. Are there predictions of Jesus’s life in the name lineage of his ancestors? – 2. Noah’s era (Genesis 5) – 3. Up to Christ (Luke 3)