China trip – 15. Beijing train museum

I like travelling by train.  I went the entire length of Switzerland by train after seeing my friend Matthew who I met in Israel who lives in Basel, and I travelled across Morocco to get from Tangier to Casablanca to Fez.   It’s fascinating when railways can be built over impossibly complicated terrain with tunnels and bridges.

DSCF0132 1024

This was interesting but had very little English details of how China’s transportation has evolved over the years.

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Visiting in the driver’s seat of this train was roped off as it was at extra cost.

DSCF0134 1024.JPG

The inner working of modern trains as well the vintage ones.

DSCF0138 1024.JPG

Models of China’s lines.

In advance, I bought two tickets at US$85 each to get from Beijing to Shanghai, more on that next.

14. Beijing’s metro, close copy of London Underground

16. Fast train in Beijing to Shanghai