Today’s Israel is example of one of the promises of God today

Two nights ago, the Lord gave me (7/2/2018) a dream of a picture of Israel, with a drone-like aerial view of this land.    I think the view was from a more rural part of the country as opposed to Jerusalem, the coast of the desert parts of the country.

Breaking; as I finished writing this today (10/2/2018)   Israel is under attack again, with a drone the came into the north of Israel from Iran.   This in turn meant several Iranian/Hezbollah targets have been hit by Israel in Syria, then an Israeli F16 jet was shot down but just before the pilot ejected who is alive but with some injuries.

For everything God tells us not to do, humans will find a way to try and justify it with some kind of clever words.   The war in the middle east is only half fought with conventional weapons, but the other half is manifested through the media and a distorted picture of what is actually going on.    Israel is constantly lambasted by the media, the Islamic world, the United Nations and the European Union.    But I see Israel as not a perfect country but a distinctly different place of democracy in a dark part of the world, I also the modern nation of Israel as an example of God’s faithfulness.


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