China trip – 27. Unusual street food in China

DSCF9456 1024

DSCF9458 1024

Scorpions and other insects.   I’d love to know if non-locals ever buy these.

DSCF9459 1024

Pigeons on sticks

DSCF9914 1024

These men are Chinese Muslims selling their traditional bread, these come hot from the hole in the oven.

DSCF0153 1024

Ok, this is more down to earth.   Standard Chinese fare.   Roast Duck, usually with the head still on.

These are sold everywhere.   Not just in street food places, but also sealed in bags in tourist shops.    Just like a Chinese restaurant in a western country, the meat is quite salty and the skin and flesh have this caramel kind of colour.     The sealed in bag jobs aren’t actually refrigerated and just available pre-cooked but at room temperature.   I’m guessing that these are treated just like beef jerky which you can casually buy in the US.

26. My visit Buddhist temple as an evangelical Christian

28. Roof top strongholds

3 comments on “China trip – 27. Unusual street food in China

  1. Hi there,
    stumbles across your blog while searching for an old contact. While on an Archeological dig in Jerusalem, 2015, I met a girl named Alexandra and her Daughter Lauren, who had recently arrived there. She was reading a Bible in HEbrew at a cafe where we stopped. They volunteered with us on the dig and then disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared. Just found a note she wrote me, and decided to do a search to reconnect. Saw that she posted on your blog. wondere if yove had any recent contact with ther.
    Thanks for any help,

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