What I learned and love about the Israeli Messianic community – 3. Meeting place names

So in the first parts, I’ve explained how the buildings used by Messianic Jews in Israel can be quite different just as much as traditional Christianity and traditional Judaism.

So is a building where they meet known as a church or a synagogue?

I’ve heard my Israeli Messianic believer friends use either occasionally, but actually, they are more likely to refer to a place as a ‘congregation’ in English or a Kehilat (קהילת) in Hebrew.

In fact, the main news site for believers in Jesus/Yeshua in Israel is called Kehilat News that gives English and Hebrew announcements of what’s happening in the land.


This is a great go-to site for the Messianic community for teaching, worship concerts, events and more.

1. Buildings 2. Christian or Jewish? – 3. Meeting place names4. Languages – more soon…..