Accidental praise and worship at a London religious Jewish school

Israel is going through much troubles at the moment with the war stirring from the Palestinian Hamas group that runs the Gaza strip shooting rockets at Israeli civilians.

If you are a praying person, this needs your prayers a lot at the moment. This is not just a physical battle but one in the news where all too often in the news Israel is seen as the aggressor, as many news channels offer one-side commentary of things, some more than others.

As we passed through Spring, we go through a lot of Jewish holidays, some happy – Passover, Shavuot, Israel Independence day, and some sad like Holocaust memorial day, I just thought of something that happened about 3 years ago, not in Israel but in north west London, where I was working in a Jewish school.

Firstly, I didn’t plan to be there, I spent a number of years in London, doing IT support for schools, and after get tired out and drained from long hours, computer virus/ransomware attacks, seeing a projector fall off a wall mount, and endless vandalism of PCs and laptops, made me want to get out and look at a different type of career. As I was studying in my spare time for some new skills, I got an interview for a school in Hertfordshire, with me needing to be there the day after. I didn’t properly research watch sort of school this was, it was a Jewish school, interesting as I spent many years working with Jewish people in Israel. I was told the day after I had been accepted and I would be starting pretty immediately.

This private school was a bit hidden away from the main road with not much signage and tall fences and trees which made not obvious what the building was used for. Inside, there is an amazing main building with turrets on the rooms and spiral staircases, diagonal roofs over the classes, a really nice canteen with kosher food, anything you want for lunch for flat cost of £2. The schools has a really lovely family atmosphere and liked chatting and getting to all the staff there. All schools are hard work for the teachers and support staff and this place was no exception. I worked here for a bit over a year before my own personal studies paid off and I moved onto some new.

So one of the most interesting times was on Jerusalem day. As one of the three computer technicians in the school, I was asked by the teachers who wanted to book out a trolley with two large speakers, a mixing desk and a laptop, just for a drama and dance event, also an hour later for history lesson at the other side of the school estate. For the first event I sent up the computer and connected up the sound system and made sure the volume was at the right level for the event.

It was a nice sunny day, so this little bug decided to visit on the audio mixing desk. One of the teachers logged into the laptop and did a Youtube searched ‘Jewish celebration music’ and started playing this. They seems happy so I went off to do some of the other jobs I had to do, typically replace printer cartridges, swap out broken computers, do desk moves and other things.

5-10 minutes before the other classroom needed the computer and speakers next, I went to collect the equipment from the first class. Due to the way Youtube works, the music had obviously switched to some similar songs several times during the hour or so.

As I was chatting to one of the teachers, suddenly the speakers blaster out “Yeshua! Yeshua! Yeshua!” so one of other teachers named D and the kids decided to sing and dance along with it.

I stopped and stood open mouthed.

This was a religious Orthodox school, where there was Rabbinic teaching, and not Christian or Jewish people who believed in Yeshua (Hebrew word for Jesus)

D is a British Jewish lady and quite secular, a really lovely chatty person and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know Hebrew who even know what the word meant. Not did the kids I think.

Another teacher came in, who teaches Hebrew, just abruptly stopped the video and told me I could take away the computer as the next class needed shortly. I don’t know what she thought.

I’m just amazed at the timing, that this video (not sure which Youtube channel it was) broadcast just at this exact time and the staff and children decided to worship the Messiah without knowing.

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