Visiting Santorini, Greece – 1. One of many islands

I was looking around for a break from work, and not travelled in a long time.

Covid has made any kind of travelling extremely difficult, and my ticket to get back to Israel has been cancelled and rebooked twice already now. It seems easiest when infection numbers are small, like in the autumn of 2021 to book a place for the following month.

Greece is not a country for anti vaxxers. You have to show proof of your certificate you have two (or more) jabs. I was told the best way to present this documentation is to get the official smart phone app from the Greek tourist office and upload the photos of my jabs to this.

I did this, and then got to the counter when I got to Santorini, and got out my phone to show the lady clerk who wanted to see proof. The app wanted my log in details, I entered the password several times and it refused me. So I reset my password. It couldn’t as it thought my account doesn’t exist. So a brief panic kicked in, “the app doesn’t bloody work!” but thankfully the woman just waved me through.

So how much of today’s Greece have similarities to the bible? Well this was one interesting proof. The The airport shows the word “Exodus” being a direct translation of the word exit as above.

1. One of many islands2. Familiar sights in Med countries – 3. soon….