Visiting Santorini, Greece – 2. Familiar sights in Med countries

This is in a main road from the airport. Santorini is not that big, no more than 7 miles long I think.

I didn’t get a tax or a bus, as I wanted to stretch my legs and saw lot of piles of abandoned machinery and a few vehicles including this bus.

Scrap cars often litter the Middle East and Africa, which makes me wonder why people don’t go and scrap these and get money for them. I think the supply chains of scrap aren’t as simple here.

In this part of the world, the middle east, north Africa and Southern Europe, people build their own houses, but don’t always finish them. There are several reasons for this. Maybe someone realised their budget would only make half the house, or, some legal quibbles of the planning permission, or, even, realising you don’t pay tax on a house that’s not finished.

Either way, this is something I saw happen a lot in Israel. And Palestinian territories, And Jordan. And Turkey. And Morocco.

The empty shell of the house made a good place for me to watch the sundown. Something I did every evening I was in Santorini and everyone who comes to visit.

1. One of many islands2. Familiar sights in Med countries – 3. soon….


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