Crazy possibilities in the news 2023

These are just my opinion. Just in strange bizarre times we live in, we will see more surprises happen.

Putin will be gone.

He could get deposed and killed, or his rumoured serious illnesses might catch up with him. Either way, history says that dictators will eventually get the citizens of their country lose patience with them, like Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi.

In the UK or US, Corporate wokeness will become a liability.

When companies prioritise certain ideologies and cause division, some of their customers will leave.

I did. I left Lloyds Bank after 30 years as a customer, as they seemed to obsessively put LGBT in every type of advert, and yet, in markets where they make a lot of money like the Arab world where gays get executed, they say nothing.

I think a time will happen where stakeholders will notice the idea of virtue signalling, the gesturing of faux moral standards, whilst not knowing what a woman is, will make people getting rid of stocks or shares of big name companies causing a massive economic ripple.

More people coming to Christ in Muslim and Communist nations.

I think already some are coming to effectively be missionaries in the Western world already.

The BBC will go bankrupt

The licence fee isn’t sustainable. The Beeb have lost credibility with many people in the UK. They will have to be advert supporting. Not long after recent redundancies, they at the same time spent £7m on a new font and branding.

More instability in Middle East

Some leaders of other nations aren’t in good shape. Palestine authority leader Mahmood Abbas is 87 and a heavy smoker. Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini is old and rumoured to have cancer. When these men pass, there isn’t a obvious replacement planned.

Another (at least one) country leaves the EU.

Don’t forget, the UK wasn’t the first. I think long term the bloc will break up in the same way as Yugoslavia did. Our friends who have lived in eastern Europe in the Iron Curtain in the 80s will notice any kind of creeping controlling authority more than the west would.