Weather in the desert

This is out of my bedroom of my flat yesterday morning (31st January)  We have rain, and plenty of it!!

Someone did tell me of storms this week that were due.   Not only is the rain a blessing and desperately needed, its probably a good thing for the Egyptians if they get some, as I doubt if troublemakers will want to be protesting and looting out in the wet!   Last night there was a brief bit of thunder and lightning, and I think some more light rain.

Thank you Lord for rain :o) תודה לאל על הגשם

Heading out to work this morning seems much colder than its ever been before, although winter here feels like late September in the UK.

When passing the Haas Promenade, a car park a view across the city, a common place for Jews and Arabs to have picnics, walk their dogs, as well tourists rolling around on rented Segway vehicles, I noticed something, now in most countries you would think this is the start of a horrible miserable day…

But these big black clouds provided a much need burst of rain.   The last few weeks, Jews and Christians have been praying and fasting for rain here….