Burning of Korans. Yeah smart plan from some Christians….

In the news, some Christians from Florida want to burn Korans as a way of remembering 9 years since the 9/11 attacks.

The guy in question is called Terry Jones who has set up International burn a Koran day.   I was thinking is this a reuniting of Monty Python doing some Islam themed sketch?   Alas not.

Really would this be something that Jesus would approve of?   Are Muslims, even the secular ones or those disillusioned with an Islamic upbringing going to turn around and say, good job chaps, I will think I will give my prayer mat and Arab tunic to local cat shelter charity shop and do something different?

This act is just dangerously provocative and will encourage responses from Muslims that could lead to people killed or property destroyed.  Probably those that Christians living in already hostile parts of the world.

I would welcome it if a case where a whole town came to Jesus and burned books from a Satanic cult they belonged to.   Indeed I have seen non-nutter Christian do burning of occultic, pornographic or other material, this is more of a personal decision to get rid of material from a previous destructive lifestyle, and make a statement in doing something new, embracing Jesus as their saviour.

You often see militants in Arab nations on TV burning flags of the US, Israel, or more recently Denmark because of the cartoon fiasco, I also remember when I was young people outside WH Smith burning copies of a book written by Salman Rushdie, as well as burning of books (not just religious and political) by the Nazis.   Attempting to imitate this practice just seems childish and pointless.  I hope Terry Jones can live with himself if Christians are persecuted as part of a revenge act.

Please pray that this will not cause revenge attacks and that this gathering of Christians doing some unhelpful will be called off, and that Muslim people will turn away from Islam and find Jesus.