Israeli soldier who was fighting ISIS in Iraq/Syria finds Yeshua

ilsoldierThis is a truly wonderful story.

This brave young woman fought the ISIS to defend the Kurdish people, and later found Jesus.  Lets pray protection on this lady and her family and that this story will be a source of curiosity by all people, Jewish, Arab, and anyone else!

The original source from an magazine by Israeli believers has been deleted.   Probably as it contains information on her baptism and this can be used by hostile religious groups to intimidate believers.

Reformed skinhead spends fortune to erase tattoos of hate

Read this encouraging story today about a man who left a skinhead group, and wanted to rid himself of his facial tattoos, which had a lot of Nazi related symbols at the cost of $35,000.

The article didn’t state exactly why this man decided to come out of this kind of life style, maybe a good impression for his son, but did spot the picture of Jesus in his family’s home and the cross worn by his wife. 🙂