In Sepia: Holyland pictures collection part 5

Part 1234 5 6 7

Heres some more holyland pictures in sepia…

Don’t even think of parking near me!

This cockatoo is guarding the windows of the house.

Old Peugeot car, looks a bit like the one the fictional detective Columbo used to drive.

The garden of the tomb

Part 1234 5 6 7

In Sepia: Holyland pictures collection part 1

Part 1234 5 6 7

I sometimes pretend to be creative.   Here are some pictures I have done of various parts of the holyland, I have dressed up a bit with sepia and some extra effects.  These are you to enjoy, download them, use them as backdrop for your computer or for any private purposes.

I have listed four today.   A few more will be regularly posted every now and then, so keep this site in your browser favourites.

If you wish to have copies without the branding for private or commercial use, you may do so, please contact me, I would like to ask for a donation as I am volunteering for a charity.  Note, don’t just nab them and use them commercially or cut the edges off, if you do, I reserve the right to expose and make fun of you.   So there. 🙂

Seriously though, a financial gift of some kind would go a long way to help me here as I do volunteer IT work here in Jerusalem.   I am looking at the possibly of after coming home for Christmas, of coming back from January to April-ish.   For this I need to raise at least £500 for flights and health insurance.   Any ideas for fund raising would be greatly appreciated.

Part 1234 5 6 7