i t s c o l d

it was cold when leaving to go out to work, really cold, the coldest day of the year, which is funny as Im sure the last few decembers have been quite mild.

I keep forgetting to buy deicer as I use a jug of tap water on the windscreen which requries two lots of as first lot clears then becomes a fresh lot of ice, getting into my car on the way home¬† it was frosy again, but I had left the scraper at home in the bathroom, the only item I could find I could use was a 64Mb stick of PC memory in the glove compartment, which eventually did the trick….

hello there

evening all,

Thought its about time I had some kind of blog.  Although doing IT professionally for about 3 years, still really not got into doing web site producing so have opted for a slacker alternative where I just fill in some templates, this seems to do quite nicely.