fun with searching on Myspace

Myspace, breaks every rule in terms of good web design and taste, I always wonder why people thinks its great to have orange text on pink background or migrane inducing scheme,

today I did some fun experimenting with search engine:

found the phrase “your gay” = about 276,000 times!

and found the word “loser” = about 1,340,000 times!

Its a great way to encourage and build up your friends!!

paper sat nav system

cant remember who told me this, but thought it was good…

Paper sat nav system for car!!!

1/ get a map of somewhere you need to go to off t’internet,

2/ make a screen shot and use photo editing software to turn it back to front.

3/ Print it out

4/ sellotape it to dashboard of car

5/ see maps right-way-up in reflection of windscreen – Genius!!