why is that trying to install various well known bits of free software comes with extra clutter you dont want?

Install Adobe Acrobat 7 and it wants you to use Yahoo toolbar, plus some fancy download manager which seems pointles, Winzip was a good simple application which has annoying tip of the day, some wizard which is just playing annoying, an icon on your taskbar to supposedly make things easier.

Having too many items on your desktop taskbar slows down your computer, really the only apps ought to be there is your antivirus, app, VNC (or other remote tool) and sound volume, oh, and maybe icon the shows your wired or wireless network connection status.
So please software makers, just give us the raw nuts and bolts of our applications, cute toolbars,  download managers are just rubbish and make the training process for computer users and support process from the helpdesk more difficult.

3 comments on “toolbars

  1. I think the idea is: the software makers make money by bundling the toolbars and other programs. Just think of Dell: the more bits of software they bundle with their PCs, the more money they make.

  2. I find these days, you dont need any toolbars, if you are using Firefox or IE7 you can use the built in search engine manager in the top right corner which can be switched to other (Wikipedia, Ask Jeeves, Ebay, etc) search engines.

    Toolbars just waste surface area which could be containing more content from browsing.

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